Litigation is the term used to describe legal actions involving the civil or criminal justice system. Family law and family law attorneys practice litigation primarily within the realm of the family courthouses around the state of Nevada. Litigation in Family Court can be wildly different than what one may experience in other trial courts. Some say the rules are not followed, therefore causing chaos in the civil justice system designed to bring civil justice to Nevada families desperately in need of that inalienable right.

Hire An Experienced Attorney

When dealing with an emotionally draining or confusing family law issue, it is essential to hire an attorney with whom you feel comfortable, and who also has the experience necessary for success in the very unique world of Family Court.

Avoid Surprises Along The Way

Certain standards of law are different in the family court setting than they are in any other civil or criminal proceeding. Inexperienced attorneys practicing family law are often surprised, as are their clients, that those techniques which are proven successful in other courts prove seemingly meaningless in family court. In order to avoid surprises along the way, schedule a consultation with Attorney John Blackmon so your case can be evaluated based on your particular set of circumstances, and allow yourself the opportunity to take control of your own life by having better information.