Joint Petitions & Summary Divorce

In the mid-1980’s, Nevada began permitting parties to petition a court for divorce, jointly, when the parties were in total agreement as to the terms of a final divorce decree. There are plenty of attorneys who will assist parties with the filing and completion of a joint petition for divorce. Blackmon Law Group does not. When one attorney is involved in a divorce action between two parties, the attorney runs the risk of developing a conflict of interest. If the attorney were to learn damaging information about the other party, and then use that information against the party later, the attorney could very well be found to have violated the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct.

Contested Divorce

Blackmon Law Group can represent you in a contested divorce as either the attorney for the Plaintiff or attorney for the Defendant. Attorney John Blackmon is experienced in representing plaintiffs and defendants in simple divorce cases, as well as extremely high conflict divorce cases involving domestic violence, child abuse, financial waste, and much more.