Nevada child support obligations are set out in Chapter 125B of the Nevada Revised Statutes. Those statutes, and the cases decided pursuant to them, govern who has an obligation, how long the obligation lasts, what the obligation is, when and how the obligation may be modified, and limited issues regarding collection of the obligation.

Child Support Is Complex

Child Support can be a complex issue to handle when there are lots of factors involved in calculating each parent’s obligation to pay child support. Depending on the custody arrangement, or court orders regarding child custody, the calculation may be different.

Avoiding Confusion In The Future

It is always a good idea to speak to a professional about your child support issues to avoid either paying too much or if you are the recipient of child support, receiving too little. Many individuals enter into agreements to either pay or receive child support that is incorrect and may cause a lot of confusion in the future.

Schedule a consultation with Attorney John Blackmon to learn what your options may be, so you can rest assured that the child support orders in effect in your case are reliable and enforceable.