Family Law With Passion
When dealing with family law, it is important to hire an attorney with the proper knowledge & experience.
Divorce & Separation
Blackmon Law Group can represent you in a contested divorce as either the attorney for the Plaintiff or attorney for the Defendant.
Custody & Child Support
Blackmon Law Group has extensive experience in litigating disputes involving child custody including interstate & international disputes.
Alimony & Spousal Support
Even if you are the spouse without any income of your own, Nevada has strong case law requiring that spouses be able to meet one another on the battlefield of litigation as financial equals.

Hire An Attorney With Knowledge & Experience

Family Law & More

John R. Blackmon, Ltd.

Attorney John Blackmon has an outstanding record in court. This is accomplished by very careful planning and preparation to ensure any legal issue he brings before a judge in family court makes sense under the circumstances, fits within the legal framework used in Family Court, and that bringing any issue to court actually serves the client’s long-term interests.

Champion In Court

Schedule a consultation to speak with Attorney John Blackmon about your potential legal options in Family Court & allow yourself to start living the best family life you possibly can.

Fair Expenses

Call today to discuss the reasonably expected costs associated with your legal goals. You will feel confident in the value received when you become a client of the Blackmon Law Group.

Honesty & Integrity

Blackmon Law Group will never violate the Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct by being dishonest with clients, opposing counsel, opposing parties, or the court.

Ambition That Won’t Quit

Every family law case is different. Blackmon Law Group analyzes every unique situation to help the client understand what defines a successful outcome, and then takes every step possible to achieve that success.

Choose Las Vegas Attorney John R. Blackmon, Ltd.

Family Law

Schedule a consultation with Attorney John Blackmon so your case can be evaluated based on your particular set of circumstances, and allow yourself the opportunity to take control of your own life by having access to a caring and attentive family law attorney.

Divorce & Separation

Attorney John Blackmon is experienced in representing plaintiffs and defendants in simple divorce cases, as well as extremely high conflict divorce cases involving domestic violence or child abuse.

Alimony & Spousal Support

Spousal support, whether it’s temporary or permanent in nature, depends on a whole host of factors that are almost entirely left to the judge’s discretion. Blackmon Law is here to assist with the litigation.

Custody & Visitation

Blackmon Law Group has extensive experience in litigating disputes involving child custody; from the everyday joint physical custody schedules to complex interstate and international custody disputes.

General Litigation

When dealing with an emotionally draining or confusing family law issue, it is important to hire an attorney with whom you feel comfortable, and who also has the experience necessary for success in the unique world of Family Court.

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Practice Areas

  • Divorce & Separation
  • Adoptions (Adult & Childhood)
  • Annulments
  • Background Checks
  • Business Valuation Assistance
  • Child Support Disputes
  • Collection of Judgments
  • Complex Litigation
  • Criminal Defense
  • Custody Disputes
  • Emergency Appellate Writs
  • Family Law Appeals
  • Interstate Child Custody
  • Interstate Child Support
  • Legal Separation
  • Mediation Advocacy
  • Post-Marital Agreements
  • Pre-Marital Agreements
  • Restraining Orders
  • Senior Judge Settlement Advocacy
  • Trial Advocacy

Fair & Reasonable Fees

Part of maintaining a great reputation in the courtroom and with the Nevada Bar is by treating clients in a way that helps them achieve their legal goals without doing so at a price that is unreasonable. You will feel confident in the value received when you are a client of the Blackmon Law Group.

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